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There are 2 DVDs

The first is the standard DVD sold on Richard Hart’s websites and through Amazon. This DVD covers scenarios that have been shot on the street and in residential properties. The video is approximately 2 hours in duration

The 2 nd DVD is a video of one of Richard Hart’s live presentations. The video is approximately 1 hour in duration.

Clips are available below

The DVD of one of Richard Hart’s live presentations can easily substitute for a live speaker, and is only about half the cost, but needless to say, a Q and A session would be non-existent unless the school had one of its own public safety officers rolling the video, then answering specific questions. If your institution is considering a multi-viewer license, it’s valuable to know that copies of Keep Your College Daughter Safe bought concurrently with the DVD are discounted by another dollar per copy, which oftentimes covers the entire cost of a multi-viewer license.

Both DVDs listed here are single user items, meaning that any entity wishing to broadcast, either through the internet or to a live event will need to pay a licensing fee based upon the approximated number of viewers. DVDs are encoded with information that permits broadcast only by specific institutions for specific numbers of viewers and unless yearly subscription agreements are signed, are good for a single viewing event only.

While the home DVD is available to both schools and individuals, the Live Presentation video is only available to colleges and universities.

Any institution making the decision to purchase a multi-viewer license will also receive FREE OF CHARGE the Female Safety DVD, which it can use to supplement any public safety program - - without paying additional licensing fees.


Click here to view clip of video shot on the “street”


To order, call 800 910 4350 (If you get voicemail, just leave a message and someone will get back to you.)


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